Creativity. Discipline.

We are Denciti, a company who creatively sees every obstacle as an opportunity. We push the boundaries of what’s possible with a deep understanding of cities and markets. Our founders’ experience spans many market cycles – from the 1970s to the present. And, being multi-generational, diverse ideas and big energy regularly fill our boardrooms. Curiosity and discipline are a major part of our DNA they’re how we uncover the opportunities that others don’t find.

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Insightful Experience

  • Garry Fawley

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Garry Fawley has managed developments across Canada for over 40 years, succeeding through attention to detail and relentless diligence. Having developed successful projects through market up and down cycles, he brings calm to often frenzied real estate in Vancouver.

  • Volodya Gusak

    Co-Founder, President

    Volodya Gusak brings diligence to acquisition and creativity to the structure of each development. Having directed business and real estate matters for nearly 15 years, Volodya applies principles proven to reduce risk and maximize yield.

  • David A. Fawley

    Co-Founder, Principal

    David Fawley has successfully directed and delivered projects in multiple asset classes across Canada, the US, and Bermuda for over 30 years. With an eye for detail and creative solutions, David often sees what others have missed, which allows us to unlock the value of each development.

  • Kelly S. McQuiggan

    Chief Financial Officer

    Kelly has been in the real estate development industry since 2008. His disciplined approach to evaluating and running developments ensures shareholder and investors requirements are exceeded. He prides himself on delivering projects to communities that are valued and needed.

  • Jackie Lee

    VP, Construction

    From his start as an Architectural Technologist to his current role as VP of Construction, Jackie’s 36+ years of experience in the industry has given him the expertise to manage design, construction, and consistently deliver on various types of projects.

  • Jonathan Silcock MBA, PMP

    VP, Development

    With 30+ years in construction and real estate development throughout BC, Jonathan’s diverse experience in residential, commercial, and industrial projects includes everything from single-family homes, to broadcast studios and mountaintop restaurants. He enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors and keeping busy with their youth sports.

  • Simon Bodlack

    Director, Development

    With over 15 years of experience in the real estate development industry, Simon has overseen the development of projects across British Columbia, including several 1,000+ home master-planned communities and partnerships with First Nations. Simon enjoys discerning the highest and best use of space and delivering desirable communities for people to live in.

  • Guadalupe Font

    Senior Development Manager

    With an education in architecture both from Mexico and Canada, Guadalupe’s approach is rooted in team collaboration and a genuine interest in what makes each project unique and successful. Her 15+ years of local experience spans a variety of projects, from boutique commercial interiors to innovative timber-buildings, high-rise, and mixed-use rezoning developments.

  • Yenny You MBA

    Financial Analyst

    With 10+ years of experience in real estate development financial models analysis, Yenny loves seeing how each project translates from profitable numbers to completed developments people can call home.

  • Paraic Treacy ACCA

    Manager of Finance

    With over 8 years of experience as an accounting professional, Paraic loves working on a diverse mix of projects with Denciti’ s growing team. He is a designated member of the Association of Chartered Accountants and is currently pursuing his CPA.

  • Keenan Fawley

    Development Coordinator

    Keenan grew up in a family of developers, so he feels most comfortable working on teams. His focus is always on finding innovative and practical business solutions. Over time, Keenan has developed a passion for public speaking, psychology of influence and connecting with others who share his ambitions. This was cultivated by the people closest to him and has become central to both his personality and business ethic.

  • Ivy Feng


    As a recent graduate intending to pursue her CPA, Ivy has a keen eye for detail and is excited to learn and grow within the real estate industry. 

  • Sophie Pan

    Office Administrator / Customer Care

    Sophie possesses a wealth of experience in B2C customer service. She embodies dedication and a passion for learning. Her eagerness to assist and her constant pursuit of knowledge make her an invaluable asset to the team.

  • Myrna Cudiamat

    Executive Assistant

    With curiosity and passion for growth guiding her, Myrna has taken on various roles in her 11 years in the banking industry and 3 years in the real estate industry. She is looking forward to developing a solid foundation in the real estate industry and learning from the top leaders at Denciti.


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